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Sentiment Accuracy Prior to OpinionEQ's Decision Platform, sentiment analysis technologies available in the marketplace simply did not provide the accuracy neccessary for a robust automated solution. Many require extensive manual review of analysis results, which adds excessive time and cost to any sentiment analysis project. OpinionEQ is delivering the next generation of text analytics, that provides the highest levels of accuracy in the market. Years of research and development by leading experts in the field have delivered accuracy levels above 80%. Combined with high volumes of intelligently sourced data, this provides decision makers actionable data and competitive intelligence.

Automated Feature Extraction OpinionEQ has developed a highly advanced technology to automatically identify features in a corpus of data. While many current sentiment analysis solutions require a detailed manual process to define and refine desired features, the OpinionEQ SMI Decision Platform provides an automated solution. This speeds time to delivery, minimizes cost, and most importantly, can help identifiy features and topics addressed in addressed in the social media space that would not have otherwise occured to our users.

Advanced APIs and Integration The OpinionEQ SMI Decision Platform comes with a powerful set of APIs and integration tools that allow you to integrate this solution into your existing applications. Users can perform advanced sentiment analysis on a targeted group of web sites, a small group of statements, or across thousands of internal documents.

Flexible Reporting Tools OpinionEQs Decision Dashboard provides a highly flexible set of reporitng metrics, allowing users sort and sift through data as required. Unlike other sentiment analytics products, OpinionEQ provides users access to the raw data used in the decision process. This level of transparency is unheard of in other available sentiment analysis products.

Intelligent Data Collection Most data mining solutions use a "shotgun" type approach to data mining, selecting a web site or group of sites and working to crawl each and every page of the site (or as many as they can) by simply capturing links from pages and then downloading those pages, and continuing the process until they run out of links. They then sort through all these pages to extract relevant data. This process can be time consuming and does not ensure that all pages have been crawled. OpinionEQ uses an intelligent crawling process to extract while it crawls, to not only capture the reuired data, but to intelligently determine what additional pages should be crawled. This process reduces cost, speed time to delivery, and improves our ability to bring in the fullest corpus of raw data.

Research and Development

The OpinionEQ SMI Decision Platform is the product of years of academic research and technical development. Advanced linguistic theory and analytics provides the core technology, driven by a user interface and integration capacity centered around providing the highest value intelligence solutions to our customers.

  • A highly accurate automated sentiment analysis solution.
  • Advanced capabilites, such as automated feature extraction.
  • A fully transparent data analysis process.
  • Real-time results with the lowest levels of manual processing.

Our focus on delivering the best technology with a flexible and actionable data interface provides a strategic advantage to all of our customers.

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